Centers rates

The rates indicated per season are minimum rates and are intended to get a relative idea of ​​the prices of the centers according to your budget for a stay of 14 days of treatments and 14 nights. They are not always available at the time of your reservation. Some centers are full several months in advance, the loyalty rate for good centers exceeding 70%. The end of the year periods are very busy, in particular, and many savvy curists book early to have more choice (in the best centers, sometimes more than a year).

To have precise rates according to the type of cure and accommodation chosen, we check with the center the availability and the rate in force.

The response of the center varies from a few minutes to a few hours, it must of course take into account the time difference, holidays (in India is common), but overall, thanks to the internet, it is very short.

We then ask for a free option in the short term (3 days), waiting for your decision; it gives you time to think.

In some cases yoga sessions, meditation, airport transfers, excursions, internet access, etc ... are included, in others, no, so can the booking and cancellation conditions be different from one center to another.

In the first prices, comfort can be quite basic (which does not exclude the charm) and often, to make more "authentic", there is no air conditioning or pool. The toilets are not always under pressure, and electricity can be cut off intermittently. When you go upmarket, there are generators, boosters, more service, etc ...

Tariff differences are therefore essentially due to differences in comfort, but do not have a direct impact on the quality of care, and can be found everywhere. (and the quality of the ad is not a guarantee ...)


As for the quality of care, all Green Leaf centers are supposed to be equivalent. Certain nuances in the operating conditions are noticeable only after one (or more) on-site visits and testimonials. In the same way, some heavy pathologies are not treated in all the centers, but on this side there are rather good surprises.

It is especially the quality of the management, which is the value of a center, because the choice of doctors, therapists, catering staff, house keeping, etc ... are the elements that make the environment in which your cure will be successful. (hence the importance of knowing the wheels.)

A center owner who has the sense of "care" (empathy, attention to others) before the one of the money and the gain, will therefore have our preference, because it makes effect dominoes.

The rates given on our website are only indicative, these may vary depending on the type of care, the season, the hotel formula chosen, the number of people, the length of stay, or the willingness of the center to make any promotions. On the other hand, one can evaluate human, medical, therapeutic skills, but from there to compare them ...

To have a relative idea of the tariffs, follow the links to the seasonal tariffs:


Low Season

High Season

Peak Season


When you apply, we always request availability at the centers, so it is easier for us to advise you and give you a home that suits you.

For the price, the answer can of course be very fast, but for the availability, it depends on the time difference. Sometimes it's very fast too.

In some cases yoga sessions, meditation, airport transfers, excursions, internet access, etc ... are included, in others, no.

NB: asterisks are not stars ... but a personal appreciation rated from 1 to 6.


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