Our commercial policy



Being very attentive to the quality of Ayurveda that is lavished in the different centers that we have selected, we are absolutely not in a quantitative approach.

On the other hand, we are against the dehumanization and the growing robotization of commercial relations which are stressors, doubt, and misunderstanding; that is why we want to communicate the spirit of Ayurveda from the consultation prior to your ayurvedic treatment.


We do not spend the money earned by our work in advertising investments (which explains our minimal SEO on Google, but also is justified by the fact that our turnover is made up of 75% of former customers, the 25% remaining being the result of word of mouth or a fortuitous discovery of our site).

We are convinced that only people in sync with our vision of Ayurveda will come to us, and we willingly leave others to pure merchants.

We recommend

We insist on the strength of the spiritual and psychological curiosity in access to Ayurvedic therapies, because even if it has become a market, there is upstream an exceptional and subtle knowledge that can help change your outlook, become less "polluting," in every way, and to gain a new life of a different quality.


As you will have probably guessed, we do not make commercial discounts, out of respect for the people who work in the centers, on the one hand, but also on the spirit of Ayurveda for which the attitude that is manifested to it is decisive for the proper application of its principles.

On the other hand, we make loyalty reductions for those who need Ayurveda for their lives and their health.

We offer from the second booking a "repeaters discount" (RD) of 5%, and after the third reservation, depending on the centers, a complementary Super Repeater discount of 3% (cumulative with possible reductions of centers)

Although the best season for Ayurveda is during the monsoon season (from May to October in Kerala), resorts that are on the beach or at the seaside often lower their rates to compensate for the inconvenience of the climate and the impossibility of going to the sea; for those with limited budgets (fares have risen a lot in recent years), so this is also the best season.

Accompanying information :

The work of investigation and control that we carry out tirelessly does not stop at an act of sale, we wish to share with you all this information, that is why you will receive after the registration of your reservation:

in pdf :

* an explanatory lexicon of terms frequently used in Ayurveda,

* a list of questions that may be asked by the Ayurvedic doctor (French-English standard questionnaire)

* a list of precautions to take before and during the treatment

* practical information about traveling to India,

* practical information about the center and the locality, depending on the case,

* a manual in French or English step by step to obtain the electronic visa in India, (with formatting of your passport photos and copies of passport, accompaniment by email and phone, if necessary)

* information regarding visa applications according to your country of origin, etc ...
and by air mail :

* according to the books already received, a book of Initiation to Ayurveda (Jean-Marc Réa, Deepak Chopra, Vasant Lad, Gopi Warrier, Philippe Maugars, Stephanie Marie, etc ...),

* personal luggage tags with your address and phone number,

* visual identification labels for luggage,

* name tags for your medicinal potions (kashayams),

* a personalized notebook with a ballpoint pen.

and in the center :

* depending on the center, loan a 10-inch Android tablet with many exciting documentaries about Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, Kerala, Indian thought, Krishnamurti, alternative medicine, etc ...



For the sake of consistency and respect for the work of our employees, from 30 exchanges (e-mails or phone conversations), the application fee of 120 Euros will automatically be charged.

They will of course be ignored at the finalization of the file or refunded at the time of a subsequent order.

This concerns only very very few people who have come to us by mistake and who are touring the centers websites, seeking free information as much as possible to finally change their mind (when they answer, of course). ..

Centers tariffs : see TARIFFS