Well preparing  one's ayurvedic cure

It all depends on how much time you have to prepare for your cure, but the more you think about it, the more you will be informed, the better you will retain the benefits, because you will be more involved in its process, and therefore fully co-actor internal transformations In progress.


On the other hand, the return to daily life with its old routines can be perceived as binding, sometimes even absurd, and may involve a revision of your hierarchy of emergencies, a new approach to living well. Anchors related to the Ayurvedic experience will be very useful.


When you register, you will receive by mail an easy-to-read book that will give you basic information about Ayurveda, but there are many more (see our press review) and there are also excellent articles on internet (see our links page)


You will receive in pdf French-English-French translators concerning childhood diseases as well as the essential medical terms, the main types of Ayurvedic care existing, etc.


You will also receive a questionnaire template in French-English that is a compilation of the questionnaires you have seen in Ayurvedic centers and hospitals to prepare your first consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor (vaidya).


Anyway, (and I do not hesitate to repeat myself ...), it will always be very useful to complete your discovery with books on the subject and to browse our site and its links before your departure, but also on your return.


Video side, there are interesting little movies on Youtube, but there are also very good reports on TNT. If you miss a show, thanks to the free software captvty (you'll find it using Google), you can very easily and free download the latest.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Many questions, sometimes trivial, can be presented to you during your first treatment. To consult those we have been asked, follow the link:

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)



Each sheet related to an Ayurvedic center contains testimonials - often difficult to obtain so the return to the "civil life" of our customers is time-consuming ...

To see all the testimonials together, you may aalso follow the link TESTIMONIALS

Misinformation about the Indian subcontinent

Some hard-faced prejudices concerning India and the bordering countries, do not hesitate to read our page "PREJUDICES", where several topics of philosophical, religious or societal order are addressed


Food advice

If you are a fan of rib rib, becoming a vegetarian for a few days will definitely be an experience! You will initially feel that you are going to starve, which is not true, because your body will reorganize itself: an immediate and visible consequence is that you risk losing weight (if you have a little too much). In general, in Western countries, we always have a little bit to lose ... But for those who are very thin and are afraid of losing weight, if they are in balance, they will not lose. There are, however, centers where the cooking is so good, that unless you follow a diet "weight loss", the waist does not vary much.

Some time before your cure, start to consider the food diet: less fat, less bread, less or no alcohol, less tobacco, etc ...

NB: in the centers, we ask not to drink alcohol or smoke, and there is no more sectarian drift than when a dietician gives you a diet.

See our fact sheets in pdf about your travel arrangements.


Since May 2015, the electronic visa allows to apply for a visa of two months in a simplified way to go to India. For Sri Lanka, it is already effective for several years.

If you wish to stay more than 60 days in India, you will have to apply for another type of visa, more restrictive.

We will send you in due time all the information necessary to obtain your visa and copy a user manual in French, step by step, writing the online form. If you have problems with your Mac (and yes, it is often), we will help you by email and phone and you will put photo and copy of passport in the right formats.


If you have the chance to go to a real center - not a cash machine - it's definitely worth it.

We hope to attract only those who have a benevolent attitude and a deep sense of responsibility to live in harmony with themselves as well as with the world (humans, animals and plants).

It takes sensitivity to both the heart and the mind to get a real benefit from an Ayurvedic cure, because it is also an inner journey, in the simplicity imposed by the naked body delivered to unknown hands.



You will receive during your registration a lot of information in pdf about your stay: assistance for the visa application, transport, care, dictionaries, precautions, guide of the center, etc ...

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