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The primary purpose of this site is to promote Ayurveda, which is a wonderful illustration of what collective knowledge accumulated and assembled by generations chains can produce intelligent, respectful and effective.


It is a complete site which, besides the possibility of reserving cures in Ayurvedic centers, offers you several kinds of information, such as:

  • Get to know the different facets of Ayurveda,
  • To have the maximum of information in relation with Ayurveda (associations, documentations, books, films, directories, shops, encyclopedias, links, etc ...)
  • Book for you and in French the cure stays by providing you with all the information and explanations necessary for an appropriate choice,
  • To accompany you in the preparation of your cure,
  • Explain ayurveda terms to better visualize what they correspond to,

etc ...

The symbols used


Asterisks that "value" our appreciation of the centers are not stars.

This is a personal note from 1 to 6, our maximum enthusiasm being measured by 6 asterisks.

full "dhara pot" (q.v.)

Center 100% ayurvedic (only people for treatments there)

split "dhara pot"

Resort with one vaidyasala (true Ayurveda, but melted clients, veg and non veg food, etc...)

"dhara pot" with the word SPA

(non-medical personal care, therapeutic techniques borrowed from Ayurveda - Shirodhara or abhyangam for example)

There is generally no medical diagnosis by vaidyas (ayurvedic doctors). Oils are not personalized, it can, however, give an idea of the tools used by Ayurveda.

SPA alone

SPA with no ayurveda

"dhara pot" with a H

Ayurvedic hospital or clinic (with or without accommodation)

Green Leaf Certificate given by Government of Kerala. (link)



For each center card - or almost - you will find testimonials that are copied and pasted from the cure returns of our clients.

We have trouble collecting all the testimonials, because once returned, activity resumes and time is lacking, yet it is very useful for those who hesitate between this or that place. We thank once again those who are kind enough to think of others in this way.

Testimonies, delivered as such, are of course to put into perspective, because everyone does not perceive the world in the same way, and our very spoiled world sometimes has requirements out of step with the reality of emerging countries, but everyone will sort it out, because there is sometimes information between lines that can make sense.

All in all, those who go on an ayurvedic cure know that it has nothing to do with a thalassotherapy or a spa treatment, and have a very open mind, which facilitates their adaptation on the spot and the acceptance of a another way of life and another culture that do not always share our criteria.

Rates and bookings



Prepare one's cure

No answer or late answer

If you do not receive an acknowledgment of receipt or response from us, it is that there was a problem of transmission of the mail, either because of a software of protection against spam, or because a wrong spelling in your email address, either to reach the storage limit at your host, etc ...

Our emails contain links to our sites and our logo, this can also be interpreted as dangerous by some firewalls.

So please contact us again to answer you via another address in this case. (email or phone or on

2) You > us

If we do not receive an answer to our emails, we will be able to send you many reminders from different broadcast addresses (SMTP) to thwart anti-spam, because it is obvious that a non-response from you can come only from a computer problem, otherwise you would not have contacted us.

People who after 7 reminders have not given any answer, will never have the opportunity to contact us again, because we will not respond, even if we regret it.


Deadlines - options

It is very important that you answer our first email, even without content, to validate your address, and then respond to your request.

The options that we ask on your behalf have a limited duration in general to 3 days, (two days in peak season), we can sometimes recover them when the time is exceeded, but it depends on the centers and also the period.

When you ask us for a quotation according to availability (because without availability, the prices do not mean anything), we put an option on your behalf for 3 days. Unanswered the third day, we will send you a raise, because there may be problems with emails lost or swallowed by anti-spam.

For a good management of the registrations, thank you to take into account these imperatives of dates so as not to block places which other people could need, and thus to inform us your decision, whatever it is before the expiry of the deadline.

There are only two countries in the world that openly practice authentic Ayurveda, and bookings come from everywhere.

These are not holiday clubs, but - although pleasant and often tourist - medical and rare places.


How to make the good choice


Difficult to make a choice, the best is to clearly define your criteria of choice, from which we can advise you (including what your budget will be).


How to read tariffs


The rates published on the site are those of the centers as they communicated to us and concern the rates of the cheapest rooms found in high, ultra high or low season.

The problems of availability imply an extreme prudence regarding these tariffs, because the rooms whose prices are displayed can already be sold, and the resorts are not all homogeneous as for the quality of the rooms proposed, on the other hand, the number of rooms per center varies from 8 to 99, but the average is between 20 and 30, so this represents a very limited offer.

Ayurveda is a rare and valuable alternative opportunity to improve one's health, and the arrogant behaviors of primary capitalism should be absent because completely irresponsible. However, some intermediaries who show their commitment to the values ​​of money, do not hesitate to put pressure on the centers to obtain discounts, which of course raises doubts about the real medical centers.

Independently of the few (few) centers that have yielded to the sirens of value and image breakers for commercial and strategic reasons, to thank our customers for their loyalty, we offer them a "repeaters discount" (non-commercial) of 5% on their second and subsequent treatments, as well as for those who accompany them or are sponsored by them.


Although the best season for Ayurveda is during the monsoon season, beachside or seaside resorts often lower their rates to compensate for the inconvenience of the climate and the impossibility of going into the sea.


How to book


How to apply Indian VISA

We will give you all the information to apply for your visa, whatever your nationality.

For India, there will be two types of visas to consider: the electronic visa, valid for 60 days, or the tourist visa valid for 6 months.

We will send you a manual with screenshots to help you draft the application, and if you have trouble formatting your passport copy and photo ID, we will adjust it quickly.




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You can look at the photos one by one, by clicking on the arrow (which is repeated at the top right, for more comfort with elongated ricks)

You can also select a photo you want to review from the drop-down list. (They are numbered)

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