Q : Do I need to follow a specific diet before going to my ayurvedic program?

A : No, once there, you'll have an adaptated diet.

Q : Is it true that we lose weight after the treatment?

A : The cure re-balance the doshas, the bio-energies in the body. Overweight people inevitably lose a few pounds, but unlike the balanced people do not lose weight. It is not uncommon to lose at least 2 or 3 kilos per week, even without taking a slimming program.
The diet is of course for something, strictly vegetarian, no alcohol or stimulants, herbal teas, etc. ...

Q : Concerning the purges which you speak, I'm a little worried, is it painful?

A: Each Virechana treatment is tailored the constitution of each, because cleaning is not necessarily the same from one person to another. The purpose here is not to make you go to the bathroom, but to clean that was detected as bulky.

Q: Is it a problem if I smoke during treatment?

A: Smoking is strictly banned from ayurvedic centers, and we understand why. The work of ayurvedic medicine is in very subtle levels that are very disturbed by tobacco. By cons, with the help of vaidya, you will surprisingly do without; there is a follow-up by email later with the doctor and ayurvedic medicines that help make withdrawal

Q: I am a carnivore to 100%. Do you think I'll be able to hold on if I eat only vegetables for three weeks?

A: The context will completely disconnect your pins. It is sure that you will not have the same taste sensations, but the range of flavors is very varied. You'll see, we make it.

Q: Do I need special clothing for the cure?

A: Most centers now provide disposable underwear nonwoven or lungotis cotton or fleece, but not all; but you will be advised when booking.
Similarly, cotton gowns (often green, but also white, or purple, or blue, with long or short sleeves) are provided to return to on's room after care, but then again, some centers have not.
Ditto for "slippers", barefoot or flip flops. Sometimes there are, sometimes not.
Once properly washed, however, the body remains a bit oily ...

Q: Why Yoga Is not included in all the centers?

A: Some treatments, especially in the salary back problems, have a softening effect that comes into its own if you leave the body alone. On a three-week program, for example, it may be that you can not do yoga before the last week.
Centers that offer yoga free of charge actually do not include it, but offer (complimentary) it, in order to avoid frustration if you do not use it.

Q: Is vomitting a must in Panchakarma? And are leeches mandatory?

A: Do not worry, there is nothing compulsory if you make a rejuvenation cure. If by cons, you really have health problems and try the "Ayurvedic track", doctors will take it seriously, but they will first fit both your body and your psyche. There is no violence in any way, nor in treatments themselves.
In Panchakarma there is "pancha" meaning five, but the real name of this preparatory process to pasthakarma is actually called pradhanakarma, and the five types of care are to be assessed according to their necessity.
The rakhtamoksham, for insance (blood drainage), is used only rarely, and only for certain pathologies.

Q: If I cancel my reservation, how's it going?

A: Each center has its own booking and cancellation conditions.  If you cancel before the period of application fee, you will be fully refunded, if you are in the period leading to cancellation charges you will receive an invoice with these costs to pass on to your insurance.

Q: I cannot decide because I do not have sufficiently precise selection criteria. Can you make reservations for me in several centers?

A: Given the non-homogeneity of accommodation and the scarcity of availability at certain times, it is necessary to examine systematically the centers and put an option to protect the up time of your reply. Each reservation involves therefore a minimum of five emails; to this we must add the exchanges between us. This is why, more than 30 email exchanges, application fee - deducted from your final order - will be billed.

Q: I have seen rates on your site that suit me. Am I assured to get them?

A: The rates displayed on the site are intended to compare the centers for a theoretically similar service. They give a good idea of what one center is worth in terms of budget compared to another.

Depending on the state of reservations, some rates may no longer be available, so regulars book well in advance.

Q: I'm surprised because I have seen comments on your site that are not very flattering, how can you offer these centers?

A: Most Ayurvedic centers have their website and make it a flattering promotion, because there is a commercial interest. Our goal is to help promote Ayurveda, which is a real gift for humanity. When we have negative reviews, or when we ourselves have been disappointed with hygiene or service during our check-ups, it is our duty to warn those who would be easily seduced by the advertising. Of course we can not publish everything, but failing to say, we show photos; those who do not wish to contact us will have at least additional information. (So, in fact, showing the centers does not necessarily mean offering them ...)

Q: I was told that there are times when temples make a sound not possible with their speakers. What are the dates to avoid?

A: There are indeed some centers that are close to temples or churches and when there are festivals, their speakers have no limits. It's from 5:00 am to midnight, at full power and without worrying about the acoustic distortions! But we take into account when you register to avoid or limit the inconvenience.

Festivals usually last around ten days.

Q: I would like to go to the seaside to do my cure, but a friend told me it was not a good idea, what do you think?

A: Indeed, the authentic Ayurveda rather recommends the mountain, or the back waters, hot and humid for a good penetration (8mm anyway!) Active ingredients under the skin, so the baths in swimming pool or sea water are recommended. But if you come to "maintain" your health, without any specific medical requirements, and love sea bathing, there is no problem. It will be enough just to leave a good hour or two after the care without getting wet and not stay too long in the water.

Q: I saw on your site that there was a lot of different care. How much can we choose on average?

A: The presentation of care on the site is not a catalog, but information on the techniques used by Ayurveda therapists and prescribed by the vaidyas (doctors). Some people think they can choose their care, a bit like a restaurant menu, but in real Ayurvedic centers, it's impossible. It's a bit like asking your doctor about one antibiotic over another. Medicinal oils contain powerful active products (by maceration) and there can be harmful consequences if they are misused. Obviously "massage parlors" that use neutral oils, in Europe, can afford demonstrations, but it is not Ayurveda.

All care is not compatible together, so they are usually limited to 1 per day or 2 or 3, and in a controlled progression.

Q: I would like to go for an Ayurvedic cure, but to be massaged by a man, it does not tell me too much. Is it possible to have a masseuse?

A: In authentic Ayurveda, men massage men and women, women.

The reasons are as old as Ayurveda, and they are likely to be more energetic than sexual. When after an accident we do physiotherapy for a physiotherapist, it's not too embarrassing if it's a man, even if our Western culture is quite uncomfortable with the physical contact, the touch, especially when it s is the same sex. The intention behind all this is therefore fundamental. When you receive Ayurvedic massages, there is a medical dimension that quickly eclipses our prejudices on touch, and in addition, it's not really about fun! These are applications of oils in which have macerated medicinal plants, the movements are sometimes turning, sometimes pinching, sometimes patting; we always wear a slip (langote or disposable slip), we are sometimes a little KO after, and if we let go, we are in a care like any other.

It is of course not impossible to get treatment by a woman, since it is medical, that it is not a search for pleasure, and that it is well codified, but it happens only in the very small centers that do not have enough therapists. In any case, whether man or woman, the very method of care is incompatible with any drift, or any inappropriate gesture, and very often the care is done with two or three or four simultaneous therapists.

I hope to have answered your question...

Q: I discovered tonight that these centers (although small) each have their home pages, so question: what is the advantage of booking by you; best prices ? best service?

A: All centers (or almost) have a website, and once discovered on our site, it is indeed possible to find them via a search engine. However what they announce is not always the truth, because they sometimes (and often) seek to "sell themselves". Their presence on our site is not a guarantee on our part, there are even certain centers that we will advise against for this or that reason. It is very important to know them well and have visited beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises, or in any case, knowingly go there.

Regarding the prices, they are directly confirmed by the centers during the billing. If there are promotions, they are immediately passed on.


But then how do we pay for our charges if we have the same rates as the centers? It is the centers themselves that pay us, (without extra cost for the customers) because they know that the work of study, control, advice is not free, and we unburden and a large part of their constraints; on the other hand, payments for Europeans are easier and more secure through us.

People who use our site (and therefore our work) as a catalog to go and buy live are very likely a false good deal, especially since an Ayurvedic center is not a hotel and there are many human and subjective parameters that come into play (before, during and after the cure).

On the other hand, for each reservation by our organization, you will receive many documents, a standard questionnaire as you will be presented by the vaidya, and also depending on the case, local information, details on how the centers work, practical information for your travels in India or Sri Lanka, a book of initiation to Ayurveda, labels personal luggage, a follow-up, etc ...

Similarly, in some of the centers we have selected, we will lend you a Full Hd Android Tablet with documentaries on Ayurveda, Kerala, Krishnamurti, Aurobindo, Iyengar, Ramana Maharshi, Satprem, Beljansky, meditation , NDE, Dr. Hamer, Indian thought, etc.

If you are a former customer, you will have a 5% discount on the majority of centers, and from the third time, an additional bonus of 3%.

A finalized file represents a minimum volume of about 50 e-mails on average. This is why we warn in our general conditions that the operating costs generated by a file are offered, but beyond 30 exchanges, are likely to be invoiced (in anticipation of a future order).

Q: What I have been told about India scares me a bit and I dread a little bit to go there. Is Kerala like the rest of India? Poverty, dirt, etc ...

A: India is in the grip of very stubborn clichés (see our Ideas Received section), but it is also a growing economic power. Kerala is different from many other states in India given its cultural plurality (presence of many Muslims, Christians and communists) but also by the alternation of Communists / Congress Party in power since independence. The literacy rate is the highest in India. The infrastructures are modern and the buildings do not stop to transform the landscape ... westernized hospitals receive patients from all over the world for much less expensive, etc ...

There is also in Kerala this feeling of total carelessness towards detritus, but this is changing radically.

Q: I went to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the last minute information on security in India has cooled me down. I will not go there alone for the moment.

R: Good evening,

India is a bit like Europe, with many states, and more than one billion three hundred million people.

Between Kerala and the capital, Delhi, for example, (2900 km) is a bit like between Sicily and Denmark.

The site France Diplomatie is interesting and useful, certainly, but if it was really objective, it would also make a comparison with France in number of attacks per capita - without mentioning the attacks - which would probably dissuade many tourists from coming to France...

This lack of precision is a shame, as it damages the image of a beautiful destination.

(NB: with reference to the sexual assault of a Danish tourist in Delhi in January 2014)

Q: I would have liked to do a massage treatment of 3 days, why you can not satisfy my request?

A: There is a lot of explanation on this site about what is and what is not Ayurveda, so it is very rare to have a request like yours. We represent primarily Ayurvedic centers, the spas that are present as intermediate solutions for couples with different motivations (Ayurveda for one, SPA for the other).

Q: I have looked on the internet I prefer by far in India nattika Beach Cochin not good reviews on the privilege horrible pictures AND NO NO GOOD.

A: There are many comments on the internet about hotels (including Tripadvisor, for example), some Ayurvedic centers being sometimes considered as such.

We are attentive to the various opinions but we do not take any account of them since we have controlled the centers by ourselves and investigated on the spot. On our site, there are also testimonies - uncensored - but at least one thing is certain, it comes mainly from people who have made an approach to Ayurveda.

There are also people who have discovered Ayurveda by mistake, or happiness handicappers who systematically accuse others of their own problems, and it is our job (at our level) to be able to identify them (viveka) so that they do not pollute unnecessarily the relational space so important during a cure.

Q: The friend who has to share my room must cancel the reservation and we leave in 10 days. How's it going?

A: According to the cancellation schedule of the center, during the next two days it has 50% of expenses, and after 75% (less than a week before the cure), then 100%. If we cancel today, she will have a refund of 50%, the costs being covered by her insurance.

If the cause of her cancellation is not recognized by her insurance, then the best thing for her is to pay you the single supplement, it will cost her less.

Q: A friend who comes back from a cure told me that the meals were the same for everyone whereas the year before she was in a center with a buffet based on doshas. What do you think?

A: For Ayurvedic medicine, foods are the first poisons or drugs, hence the importance of spices that have an important role in digestion, for example, as well as the need to fill his stomach with a third of solid, a third of liquid and a third of empty for it to work at best (we should not be satisfied when leaving the table ...).

Each dish is a composition, and so will have its own tridoshic "profile", its particular flavors, etc ... This composition, if it must respond to a prescription of vaidya, must be measured precisely, and that is what is made for very specific diets in Ayurvedic hospitals that treat very targeted diseases, but also in the centers. In this case the menu - in general frugal - is individualized. But Ayurveda is primarily a preventive medicine will seek a global balance that will promote the development of the digestive process, it is not surprising to find menus common to all patients who are at the table. Some centers differentiate dishes according to the vatha, pitta or kapha typlologies, which is a good thing in itself, but is not decisive in a short time. For this to be truly effective, it would be necessary to eat whole year this way. Depending on the center and pathologies that take you there, you will find one of these three approaches that are all compatible with Ayurvedic medicine (which was not invented for tourists, it must be remembered ...) .

Q: I would like to leave with my two young children (five and two years old). Which center would be most suitable for us three?

A: The majority of centers dedicated entirely to Ayurveda who have already accepted children have had experiences that encourage them not to do it again. It should therefore turn to mixed resorts offering Ayurveda light.

If you have a child who has a particular illness, and that is the reason for the trip, depending on the medical record, the process is different, and it will be possible to search for a hospital and housing either on site or near. But it will not be in a context that combines tourism and health.

Q : I joined a group for an Ayurveda treatment but in fact they no longer have a room for me. Can you help me?

A: To use our services, it is essential to understand our mode of operation and our motivations, and for that to read carefully our remarks on Ayurveda and on what revolves around it. After that, it's a question of feeling, of course, but the fact that we are not there just to sell rooms should normally be perceptible to those who will be our future customers.

Q : I don't understand anything about these doshas stories, could you explain it to me?

A: The sages of old India had noticed that everything in the universe seemed to be subject to three basic characteristics:

    1 - movement (or expansion)

    2 - immobility (or lack of movement)

    3 - the possibility of switching from one to the other (transformation)


And so that each phenomenon depends on this trilogy, but above all that each object only exists by its ability to alternately express these three phases.

Whether Ayurveda was revealed by Dhanvantari or not, it is indeed the same universal principles which animate it, but the movement is then called VATHA, the absence of movement, the immobility is called KAPHA and which is doing the mutation, the transformation, is called PITTA.

These are the three doshas vatha, kapha and pitta.

So you have in the three bodies (three shariras) and the five koshas (the layers of information that are distributed from the most material (tamasic) to the most essential (sattvic) thanks to energy (rajasic)) these three doshas in proportions various attached to each kosha, particle, cell, tissue, organ, group of organs, etc ...

The structure of the whole is frozen at birth (and even before); this basic configuration is called the PRAKRITI or prakruti. It represents a global balance of the three doshas in proportions which are the equivalent of a signature (for example 40% vatha, 40% pitta and 20% kapha).

If this prakriti is transformed and deviates from its equilibrium (its signature), it is because the tridosha has changed its parameters and has therefore moved away from it; this new stage is called VIKRUTI and represents a state of imbalance favorable to the disease which must be corrected in order to recover the original signature, symbol of balance.


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