To obtain confirmation of rates and available places, we need to know quickly by email:

  • the name of the center that you have chosen
  • your name and surname
  • your postal address
  • your email address
  • the dates of arrival and departure
  • the main medical reasons for your cure
  • names of people coming with you (twins & singles)
  • your budget (important)
  • your comments


To send to  demand@ayurvedabooking.com



Pending your confirmation, we are placing a three-day option. We do this for each center.

In the absence of response from you, we will re-launch you before the exchange, to know your final decision. In case of exceeding the deadlines, we must start from scratch ...


The reservation will be confirmed after payment (see this link) of a first deposit (booking and cancellation conditions specific to each center)



Ayurveda Booking Ltd is a British company located in Greater London and which is exclusively booking agent on behalf of hospitals and Ayurvedic centers. According to English law, Ayurveda Booking Ltd is not authorized to sell transport.

However, we provide you with informative links so that you can choose your transport in the best conditions.


For reasons of efficiency and precision, we do not take telephone orders.

People who do not have an email address can get help from relatives who will do it for them.

The phone is a user-friendly means of communication that we use when needed once the file is created.


All Ayurvedic centers are not able to accept wheelchairs.


As soon as you register, and gradually, you will receive the following information (in pdf):

  • an explanatory lexicon of terms frequently used in Ayurveda,
  • a list of questions that may be asked by the Ayurvedic doctor (medical questionnaire)
  • a list of precautions to take before and during the treatment
  • practical information about traveling to India,
  • practical information about the center and the locality, depending on the case,
  • tourist information on the locality and its surroundings as the case may be,
  • a tutorial to apply for the Indian electronic visa and avoid the pitfalls,
  • information concerning visa applications according to their country of origin, etc ...

and by post :

  • a book Initiation to Ayurveda, (different to each cure),
  • nominative luggage tags,
  • tags for custom kashayams,
  • visual identification labels for luggage
  • a personalized notebook and a ballpoint pen.

and in the center :

  • according to the centers, loan for an Android tablet fed with documentaries about Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, Kerala, J Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi, Satprem, Nisargadhata Maharaj, natural medicine, etc ...

Ayurveda Booking Ltd status



Ayurveda Booking Ltd has in England the status of "booking agent", representative for the resorts, centers and Ayurvedic hospitals. Ayurveda Booking Ltd is therefore not authorized to sell transport.

However, we provide informative links so that you can freely choose your transport in the best conditions. (for example www.jetcost.com)




After payment and confirmation, you will receive the data sheets concerning your cure :

  • Practical informations about your stay in India,
  • a tutorial and information about Indian visa procedures, with formatting of the photo and passport copy if needed
  • the most frequently used terms in Ayurveda,
  • questions that may be asked by the Ayurvedic doctor (vaidya)
  • detailed informations about the ayurvedic centre,
  • etc ...


and by Post Mail  :

  • one initiation book
  • personalized luggage tags with your name and address,
  • visual labels for bags.
  • personalized kashayam tags for your medicines,
  • one note book with one pen.

you'll also get :

  • Receipts of payment,
  • proof of VISA/MASTERCARD payment
  • the VOUCHER giving access to the services you have booked


If you wish (and in eligible centers), you will be loaned an Android tablet during your cure where you will find many documentaries about Ayurveda, but also Kerala, the Indian philosophy, Krishnamurti, Ramana Mahashi, Aurobindo, yoga, meditation, NDE, etc ...


For clients of Ayurveda Booking who wish to make a second cure, or more, they will be able to benefit, according to the centers, of a repeater discount of 5% and still + 3% from the third cure (for the majority of the centers selected)

These discounts are calculated on the final price of the center, which can also make you benefit from an additional repeater discount.

All these discounts are non-commercial discounts, just a way to thank our clients confidence..


VERY IMPORTANT : if you get no reply

Each email from you necessarily has a quick response, so it's impossible that you do not have one.

The main cause is certainly your anti-spam software.

Thank you to check in your "JUNK" box.

On the other hand, it is MENDATORY that you acknowledge receipt of our first email, otherwise we do not follow up, because it is possible that your email address contains a misspelling, and we must check before asking the centers.


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