The ASHOKA MADEIRA is a small Ayurvedic center located in the hotel Alpino Atlantico, on a cliff, in the south of the island of Madeira.

Birgit Moukom created this center in 2012 with the complicity of Roland Bachmeier, owner of the neighboring hotels Galosol (which have graciously offered Ayurvedic spa guests access to their pools and access to the sea)






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Birgit, who had been passionate about Ayurveda for many years, was then running an Ayurvedic center in Germany, and that is how this former Asian palace manager who took over the family business came to get her to create a center that the we had been waiting a long time in Europe. (Needless to say, the hotel organization is absolutely impeccable and professional)

The vaidyas (Gopal and his wife) are now residents, and therapists are trained locally. The massage tables are heated when it is a little cool. The food is exclusively vegetarian, and adapted to the recommendations of the vaidyas for the curists who follow a panchakarma.