The LINTAS GOLDEN BEACH is a small center of 10 pleasantly decorated rooms with superb bathrooms, an open-air restaurant and a beautiful swimming pool in a blazing garden.

The beautiful beach is unknown to tourists, only fishermen come up their seines and their small boats.









It's a family, new and clean (2015), the architect is an Italian, and the aesthetic refinement is undeniably present everywhere, with a subtle blend of local art and Latin know-how.

Dr. Linta and her husband Sunil are associated with an Italian who oversees the good management of the center.

Ayurveda is practiced in a traditional way, more qualitative than quantitative, and despite its appearance, it is not an ayurvedic hotel.

Dr. Linta does volunteer medicine on Sundays, and she has a whole network of friends to assist her in her task, which is associated with a wonderful smile and a lot of heart of everyone, accompanied by a talented cook of conscientious therapists, we are here in a small center that is likely to quickly become too much in demand.