The ROCKHOLM AYURVEDA  is a center that has just opened (November 2019) and is promised a bright future when we know the know-how of its owner in terms of quality of service.

It is indeed he who created the Nattika Beach Resort which now reserves two years in advance as word of mouth has worked!









The two vaidyas (traditional doctors) as well as the therapists look forward to the six new treatment rooms that will be built in 2020 at the same time as the pool, but there are currently two functional rooms and a beautiful yoga hall.

Given this expectation, the clientele is - for now - not completely Ayurvedic, but at the end of 2020, this will be the case.

The chef, Aji, has worked with Joshi the chef of Nattika, but has an incredible talent, it's really great cuisine, extremely tasty. For the slimming cure, however, it will be limited ... but the quantities are well managed.

There are 25 spacious rooms in total, (10 of which are twin beds), which makes for a human-sized center, an almost private beach just below, and the sea, the sea and the sea again.